HDFC Bank Revises FD Interest Rates But Some Banks Pay Up To 9%!

Days after the Reserve Bank of India hiked the benchmark repo rate, HDFC Bank today increased fixed deposit rates on various maturities by up to per cent.

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HDFC Bank Fixed Deposit Interest Rates

The largest private lender in the country, HDFC bank has revised its interest rates for fixed deposits (term deposits) of select tenures. The interest rates revised for general category as well as senior citizens for deposits in the less than one crore as well as 5 crore category.

It is effectively de facto moving to a tightening mode. There was so much being said about core inflation before the policy began. Yes, the food inflation has been soft and that has been some respite but core at 6. They just toggle between these two things when they need to justify their policy action. In the last policy, there was considerable emphasis on core inflation as a major if not dominant concern. This time, they are saying that it is really the headline inflation that is the mandated level and that what they should be addressed.

My personal view is there are two things that are driving this policy. One, these are very major changes that are happening. From a backward looking data dependency that characterised some of the previous policies. In this forward looking policy domain, there are two facets.

One is transmission to actual lending rates and then the transmission of actual lending rates to the real economy which would sort of harness inflation.

RBI is taking a very long view on the operation of the policy rate — A on lending rates and B through lending rates on the economy. The other thing that I would like to emphasise is something that although for various reasons, the RBI does not want to bring in an explicit discussion on currency defence, it goes by this fiction that it only irons out volatility. RBI is very keen to prevent depreciation beyond a point and it is implicitly defending a level and a rate hike is straight out of the copy book to defend a currency against excessive depreciation.

We have a lot of answers in what the RBI said today. But again there is a fee associated with reloading. Carrying cash definitely saves you a lot from fees, but is it safe to carry a lot of cash? Have some cash with you for urgent needs and carry rest of the money in travel card. When you are travelling abroad, it may not be easy to figure out an ATM center close by to withdraw money from your travel card.

In those scenarios, your cash reserves will help you pay bills. For every transaction you do on travel card you have to pay fee. Loading money, reloading money, withdrawing cash, checking balance at an ATM, closing your account and en-cashing it, etc attracts fee. Axis Bank Travel Currency Card. FD interest rates movement is largely a factor, which is not completely, but at least partially determined by the Reserve Bank of India.

The country's central bank controls the repo rates or the rates at which the RBI lends money to banks. When this interest rates move higher, it only pushed FD interest rates in the economy higher. HDFC Bank like most other banks then lends money according to these rates. Over the last few years, we have seen interest rates in the economy falling. However, they are now moving higher, which tends to benefit retired individuals and those who look at this avenue for sustenance. Most of the fixed deposits in Indian Banks provide nomination facilities to its depositor who can, in turn, nominate anyone of his choice as the beneficiary of the fixed deposit scheme in the event of the death of the investor before the maturity period of the said fixed deposit scheme.

Applicants who are interested to propose a nominee will have to fill in a separate nomination form as prescribed under the Banking Companies Nomination Rules of , to avail the nomination benefits. The private lender, HDFC Bank also provides nomination facilities to its customers with respect to fixed deposit schemes. The customer who wishes to withdraw the fixed deposit before the maturity period has to bear the penalty charges as levied by the bank at the time of close of the deposit. The base rate is the rates which are applicable for deposits whose value is less than Rs 1 crore as on the date of initial deposit.

In case if the deposit value is more than Rs 5 crore, then the base rate will be the rate applicable for Rs 5 crore deposits as on the date of the initial deposit. Penalty for premature withdrawal is not applicable on fixed deposits whose tenure ranges between 7 — 14 days. The interest rates are hiked on term deposits which have a maturity period ranging from 6 months to five-year term.

Day s Month s Year s. For domestic deposits - Rs. How Interest Rates Move? Special rates are applicable only for Resident deposits.