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Metro Luxe Kaset The revenue structure in the past 3 years is as follows:. Revenue from sales of Land and house 6, The financial statements showed that land and house sale generated Condominium business generated Proceeds from the sale of vacant land plots accounted for 4. The hotel business generated Bt1, The statements also showed earnings from investment in associated companies booked before Item: Profit before financial expense and tax, worth Bt As shown in the balance sheet, sales revenue of Property Perfect in are Bt4, Revenue from sales of condominium units presented in the consolidated financial statements came from total revenue from projects developed by Property Perfect Public Company Limited in are Bt.

The company and subsidiaries are developing property projects under a variety of brands, to satisfy various needs of different target groups and to offer products at a wide price range.

The projects are primarily in prime locations in Bangkok and peripheral provinces, located along mass transit routes and community areas near universities. The products are classified as following: They are priced from Bt1. Single Detached houses and Duplex houses. This will cover a total of 14 projects, with combined value of Bt14,million.

Condominium The company and subsidiaries have launched condominium projects under various brands. The prices range from Bt1. Details are as follows: Bella Costa Hua Hin.

In , the company and subsidiaries plan to launch 1 condominium project,Hyde Sukhumvit11 , worth totally Bt4, million, The company and subsidiaries base the investment decision on customer preferences survey in each location, to finalize target groups, development types and an appropriate price range. All projects are thoroughly reviewed by relevant business units, also through feasibility studies on the projects which scatter on various potential locations in the Greater Bangkok.

The focus is to create quality, well-designed and environmental-friendly projects, aside from favorable pre- and after-sale services.

After the transfer, the company and subsidiaries assure customers with a 1-year house warranty starting from the transfer date. The Perfect Service unit is established to take care of customers who have been delivered their completed units, within the warranty and off-warranty period.

This is to ensure speedy services and guarantee customer satisfaction. Manning the unit are loyal employees, equipped with service mind and knowledge through training. Moreover, the company and subsidiaries put in place community management practices, to cover the provision of recreation areas, utilities and infrastructure inside the projects until the construction works are finished and transferred to the estate committee or the juristic body.

Hotel and resort business The Company puts emphasis on the development of hotels with stars, which will be managed by professional and international hotel chains. The Company has the policy to diversify business risks by investing in provinces which are tourist destinations and targeting a vast range of target customers. The ski resort is located on a rai plot, where two four-star hotel buildings are located.

There are hotel rooms, from 22sqm standard rooms to sqm suites. Akaigawa-mura is also well-known as the second most beautiful village in Japan. The resort offers a complete range of facilities such as function rooms, restaurants and a bar, hot spring, a swimming pool, souvenir shops and recreational areas. Meanwhile, NZ Ski, the New Zealand company that owns and operates a ski business, has been contracted to operate the ski resort in Japan thanks to a pool of professional staff and world-class management.

Rental office buildings The Company and subsidiaries have embarked on rental office building business, currently owning one Pacific Place and Two Pacific Place of which competitive edges lie mainly with the proximity to BTS Nana Station.

Located in a business area, they offer great transport convenience against cheaper rents compared to nearby buildings. The buildings and equipment are properly maintained and they are professionally managed by Jones Lang Lasalle Management Company Limited. Though, there is limited room for an increase in office rents due to supply glut from existing and new office buildings.

As such, the Company would maintain its focus on existing properties, ensuring the highest efficiency in generating revenue and profits. Retail business The Company and subsidiaries draw up a plan to develop shopping malls, office buildings and commercial areas. In the first phase years , a community mall will be developed. This will be followed by a closed shopping mall and office for rent. In , it entered into a joint venture with Dara Harbour Company Limited, a unit of Fatima Group, to develop a mixed-use shopping centre and a residential building in Sri Rach district, Chon Buri.

The project is under a feasibility study and designing stage. There is also a plan to open a large-sized shopping mall on Ratchadapisek Road. In the past year, the Company and subsidiaries re-launched the well-received Urbanista Collection The more modern design and maintains the functional designs and usable space, which has made it popular. The collection comes with two series.

New function of Urbanista Collectiion , The new personal rest area, extended from the bedroom, to enjoy the spacious verandah and the natural breeze. It can be turned into a coffee corner in the morning or the open reading room. Designed to face the garden and prevent the spread of food smell to the living room.

Connecting the pantry, it offers convenience in food preparation for small parties. A bedroom corner facing the open space outside. The spacious verandah extends in two sides, for perfect recreation. The special corner inside the bedroom, which can be converted for other activities like reading or TV watching.

The Company has put emphasis on project layouts, with focus on the usable space of the overall area that encompasses the central area and room space. The projects must portray a modern and stylish look, reflecting the urban lifestyle.

Quality and Service The Company and subsidiaries construct houses and townhouses through experienced contractors who have worked with the Company or shown credible track records. The construction is closely monitored to ensure timely delivery. Contractors are also allowed to propose and comment on construction methods. For example, they can choose whether to use the conventional method or the prefabricated or precast system, in delivering quality products with the specified budgets.

However, several construction-related obstacles are foreseeable, such as labor shortage, the increase in construction material prices and shorter delivery period. The Company and subsidiaries have expanded the number of prefab houses. The Tunnel Formwork1system was adopted to tackle the obstacles.

At present, in the projects that adopt the system, the Company ably reduces the construction period from months to months. The Company also puts emphasis on the quality of construction materials. SCG Building Materials Company Limited is now the major supplier of such materials, to assure buyers of the durability and quality designs.

The Company and subsidiaries manage the cost of materials through bulk orders. High technology is involved in all construction stages, aside from high-quality materials and precise quality control.

The innovative product is an option to consumers who are interested in innovation. It is now available at premium projects. Note 1 Tunnel Formwork system allows the casting of tunnel moulds. On the moulds, concrete walls and floors can be built in one operation.

Modular is an innovative precast construction system. The steel structure and materials are designed by a computer programme, to ensure that the houses can withstand earthquakes, floods and other disasters. The Company and subsidiaries mainly build and offer complete houses to customers. The houses must be completed before putting on the market, which allows customers to view the completed units and immediately move in. The houses can be transferred within a month after the purchase.

Regarding condominium development, the Company and subsidiaries plan to launch more projects. More focus will be placed on every stage of construction, from the selecting of only established and experienced contractors. The Company and subsidiaries have a special team to closely work with the contractors. Consultants with experience in high-rise development are also hired to oversee the construction management, to ensure that the construction works meet engineering standards and requirements on quality and safety.

The consultants will also ensure the construction is completed on schedule. In the past few years, the Company and subsidiaries have awarded most construction contracts to Italian-Thai Development Public Company Limited and SaengFa Construction Company Limited which are established and able to deliver standardized services.

There is a central team to monitor construction standards plus engineering advisors for all projects.

There are training courses and field trips for the engineering and construction management teams, as well as training for contractors. The Company has also hosted activities for major festivals, where its customers can meet neighbors and nurture their good relationship. In addition, the company provides public gardens, lakes, large and perfect club houses.

The company has teamed up with business partners to open their shops in the club house areas such as restaurant , Fitness Center, Convenience stores and True coffee - Coffee Shop. Pricing Strategy The company and subsidiaries has policy to set prices based on the economic condition, market demand and competition in all of products such as Single Detached house, Duplex house, Townhouse and condominium.

These factors are jointly considered with costs, locations, project types and market conditions when compared with competitors. There are several guidelines for price setting such as setting higher price than rivals but better designs, and environmental and convenient facilities.

The company and subsidiaries have offered various project types and prices to serve different demand as follows: Products in the single detached houses, duplex houses and townhouses category are priced from Bt1. Products in the condominium category are priced from Bt1 million to Btmillion. Place Location Location The projects of the company and subsidiaries are mostly located in high-potential locations, set along the electric train routes or new roads as.

These encompass roads linking to important area as Rama 4 Bridge crossing the Chao Phraya River and roads that link Ratchaphruek and Kanchanapisek roads which link area from Chaengwattana road to Kanchanapisek road and Western Motorway road that linkBangyai-Ban Pong-Karnchanaburi. Ratchaphruek Road is being expanded from 6 lanes to Perfect Place Muang Chiang Mai was launched in the province, to offer single detached houses near the city area.

A beachfront condominium project, Bella Costa Huahin, was launched near the scenic Khao Tao mountain. Mass media is exploited for the one-time advertisement to advertise a number of projects to target customers in lower advertising cost.

Complimenting the strategy is the direct marketing, whereby a specific media is chosen for a particular target group and achieve the objective of Public relation, marketing events and customer relationship management CRM to take care of existing customers. The Perfect Friend Club is launched to thank existing customers who introduce the projects to their friends, as a means to effectively reach out to target customers at a low cost. The budget for online advertising has been on the rise.

Aside from websites, it is spent on the search engine and web banners to create awareness. Aside, there is the E-Direct Mail service to reach a particular group of customers. Social network channels are introduced, covering Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, to promote the organizational image and enhance confidence in the organization.

The company and subsidiaries also host special marketing activities for customers who accessed information through the websites. These customers are asked to register online for site visits and registered customers are awarded a special privilege. This is to promote the interactive communication channel and it has been warmly welcomed. This also allows effective data collection and follow-ups. The company and subsidiaries have devised unique promotions for particular groups of target customers with realization of their different preferences, to speed up their buying decision process.

The strategies take into account. For example, for customers seeking a complete house, with help from leading financial institutions, they are offered with low-interest loans, an extended borrowing period, and the step installment program. Through cooperation with leading furniture makers, the company offers customers a chance to buy a house with furniture at special prices, to help them save shopping time and reduce the need for an interior design.

Special furniture prices also save their money, as loans for furniture purchase often carry higher interest rate than mortgage loans. Focus is also on standard materials and the thorough quality control of the construction process. The construction works are closely and thoroughly monitored and applied modern technology like the prefabrication which ensures short construction period but standard quarter. A final check before transfers is required. In , the company and subsidiaries also adopted the ISO The quality management system will be adopted for the low-rise development projects of the company and subsidiaries, to warrant customer satisfaction.

Through cooperation with Thai Secom Pitakkij Co. The Company promotes activities in housing and condominium projects. The central areas are spacious and fully equipped with facilities. For example, large fitness clubs are available at housing estates, where dwellers can enjoy a swimming pool, aerobic classes, shops and other services.

The central areas are also designed for recreational family activities, reducing the need to venture outside the projects. Focus is also on energy-saving and environmental-friendly materials, reflective green glass and heat-insulating gypsum boards. Artificial materials have also been introduced to help save the environment, including the laminate floor that looks like real wood and is equally durable; and aluminum window sills which are both durable and beautiful. The construction works, design and project planning are thus properly designed, along with emphasis on environment management, infrastructure and security inside the projects.

Activities are also hosted for better relationships among residents, to create a warm community and happy environment to all residents. Owners of medium- and large-sized businesses, high-level corporate executives, professionals like medical specialists and pilots Age group: Master degree or higher Monthly income: Bt, or higher Household income: Bt, or higher No.

SME business owners, middle-level corporate executives, professionals like doctors, engineers and architects Age group: Bachelor degree or higher Monthly income: Bt50, - Bt, Household income: Corporate managers, middle-level corporate executives, engineers and architects Age group: Bt30,00 - Bt50, Household income: Bt60, - Bt, No.

Corporate managers,small-sized business owners Age group: Bt25, - Bt50, Household income: Bt50, - Bt, No. Corporate managers, SME business owners Age group: Bt80,00 - Bt, No. Corporate assistant managers, civil servants, state enterprise employees Age group: Bachelor degree Monthly income: Bt20, - Bt40, Household income: Bt40, - Bt80, No.

High-level executives, business owners, foreign businessmen, and others whose monthly income is Bt, or higher Target: High-level executives, business owners, foreign businessmen and others whose monthly income is Bt, or higher Target: High-level executives, business owners or others whose monthly income is Bt, or higher. Middle- and high-level executives, business owners and others whose monthly income is Bt50, or higher Bt.

High-level executives, business owners, foreign businessmen and others whose monthly income is Bt, or higher Bt. Corporate employees and others whose monthly income is between Bt25,Bt55, Expanding the portfolio of single detached houses, townhouses and condominiums allows the Company to reach out to a wider range of customers, hence increasing marketing opportunities. This also helps the Company offer products to new target groups, to increase the market shares and reduce reliance on a particular target group.

Marketing and marketing channels The Company and subsidiaries handle the marketing of single detached houses, duplex house, townhouses and condominium units through sale offices located at each project venue. Consistent training on products is consistently held for the marketing team, ensuring that they can offer recommendations, answer questions, highlight outstanding points and give assurance to target customers.

Full details of all projects are presented to promote the products. The website is also a channel to communicate with target customers. Overall, the property market is dominated by large-sized developers due to an increase in development costs, more stringent rules on project financing, and slow recovery in sale activities. In this situation, large-sized developers still hold competitive edges in terms of investment, construction and marketing.

They also enjoy comparatively higher trust from consumers. This helps them enhance their market shares amid market contraction. On product development, developers still focus their strengths on residential projects in high-potential locations. They focus more on projects geared for upper middle-income earners. The purchasing power remains low due to economic condition and high household debt.

Land prices have increased significantly, posing challenges on selling activities as the prices of main products move up. On the marketing front, most developers have delayed spending plans, which cover advertising spending, on the belief that such would not yield reasonable impacts in this circumstance.

The marketing activities are now geared towards all target groups and adjusted to better cope with the current situation, to maintain or raise their market shares. Corporate marketing campaigns and Online marketing are also in focus, aside from the enhancement of image as well as product and service quality, to achieve a competitive advantage.

The developers have been avoiding a price war, to maintain the profit margin against the advance in production cost. Property prices tend to rise in line with the production cost, once the market recovers.

Developers have adjusted unit size, improved the functions, and cut unnecessary details, to offer the best value for money. This will help boost the purchasing power of customers for units in their desirable locations. Meanwhile, the adoption of more prefabricated technology has cut the construction cost and offered development speed, which will improve their ability to address the changes in market condition.

It will also help reduce cost volatility and circumstantial risks, and ultimately strengthen their competitive edge. This resulted into a smaller number of newly-launched units, both low-rise and high-rise. However, the value of the units in the market moved up as new units were geared towards high-end customers, especially in the condominium segment.

New condominium projects were largely located in downtown areas and on the banks of the Chao Phraya River. There was a slight growth in the number of condominium projects that quote the prices below Bt1 million a unit, but they were mainly located in suburban areas where competition and land prices remained low. Low-rise development contracted in the first half of the year but recovered in the second half thanks to the property stimulus measures as well as the pace of urbanization and greater transport networks.

Newly-launched low-rise projects were largely high-end, while most new townhouses were priced between Bt1-Bt2 million. Developers generally postponed new project launch and focused on selling and transferring existing units. This should lead to the balancing of supply and demand. As soon as consumer confidence and purchasing power recovers, the market should stage a healthy recovery. The industry is expected to show improvement in , largely because of government policies such as the infrastructure investment which becomes clearer as well as the opening of the Purple electric train line.

This should lead to the enormous absorption of condominium supply. Meanwhile, the lingering impacts of property stimulus measures launched last year should also further boost the low-rise residential market. The overall economic condition should be on the course of recovery, while interest rates and oil prices remain low.

This is expected to boost consumer confidence. Market The marketing strategy for one Pacific Place and two Pacific Place, two potential downtown buildings located near BTS Nana Station, remains focused on slightly cheaper rents compared to those of other buildings located nearby as well as proper maintenance. The emphasis is on occupancy rate.

Meanwhile, demand increased from due to greater political stability and demand from both local and foreign companies. The average occupancy rate consequently was the highest in recent years and rents moved up as in the past 12 years. New supply should stay as low as 50,, sqm in the year against an average increase in demand by , sqm, due mainly business expansion of foreign companies operating in Thailand and new comers.

Most of them are in good locations and are nearly-fully occupied. This shields them from negative impacts to be brought about by new office space. Market In operating the hotel business, the Company and subsidiaries maintain the focus on hotels with stars. The Company seeks to develop the properties or build portfolio through acquisition of existing properties. All will be in business areas that offer great transport convenience or in tourist destinations, to reach out to a variety of guests.

The properties are managed by international hotel chains. Competition The hotel and tourism industry showed improvement in when Thailand welcomed The average hotel occupancy rate was at December occupancy rate was at While the number of tourists from China, Malaysia, South Korea, Taiwan and other Asean nations increased, visitors from the other parts of the world also made trips to Thailand with greater confidence.

Meanwhile, the government also supported through marketing events which encouraged travelers to make trips. Allowing domestic travelers to deduct travel expenses from taxable income was also a big boost. The hotel and tourism industry has the potential to show continued growth in Thailand anticipates to welcome Tourists from other East Asia, particularly China, will continue playing a significant role in boosting the Thai travel industry.

Market To promote shopping malls among shoppers, our strategy is placed on location. Community shopping malls and regional-level malls are all located in good locations, to satisfy the demand of shoppers in each area. The Company makes the decision to develop open shopping complex, community mall or closed shopping complex according to the feasibility study carried out for specific land plots.

Importantly, the locations should be near populated areas, train stations and business areas. The next focus is on the selection of products and services to meet customer demand in each location. In the year, , sqm of new retail space in Bangkok and peripheral provinces was introduced to the market, due to the opening of several large-sized shopping centres. Yet, rents still moved up due to high occupancy rate. Expansion opportunities stay while average rents could be adjusted upward particularly for downtown shopping centers due to demand from foreign luxury brands.

Meanwhile, demand for retail space at outer Bangkok areas as well as in provinces should also gradually rise in line with the pace of economic recovery. This follows the capital increase of Bt,, through the issuance of ,, at Bt1 par value as well as the exercise of warrants PF-W2 in June and November worth Bt52,, for 52,, shares at Bt1 par value and the exercise of warrants PF-W3 in September worth Bt73,, for 73,, shares at Bt1 par value.

The new shares were registered with the Ministry of Commerce on 29 June , 6 July and 12 October , respectively.

The amount increased due to the exercise of warrants PF-W3 into common shares worth Bt,, ,, shares at Bt1 par value. The new shares were registered with the Commerce Minister on 3 April and 9 July The new shares were resigned with the commerce ministry on 31 July The new shares were registered with the Commerce Ministry on 9 October As of 31 March , the registered capital remained unchanged at Bt10,,, 10,,, shares at Bt1 par value , with Bt5,,, paid-up 5,,, shares at Bt1 par value.

On 23 April , the annual shareholder meeting resolutions were as follows: Reduce the registered capital by Bt4,,,, from Bt10,,, to Bt5,,,, by the cancellation of common shares reserved for the tender offer of Thai Prop and Grand Asset as well as shares reserved for the exercise of warrants PF-W3 2.

Increase the registered capital by Bt1,,,, from Bt5,,, to Bt7,,,, by issuing 1,,, new shares at Bt1 par value. Approve the allocation of 1,,, shares at Bt1 par value to existing shareholders, at the ratio of 1 new share to every 3 old shares at the price of Bt1. Approve the reservation of no more than 10,, shares at Bt1 par value for the exercise of warrants PF-W3.

The capital reduction and increase was registered at the Commerce Ministry on 7 and 8 May , respectively. The new shares were registered on 24 June The new paid-up shares were registered with the Commerce Ministry on 8 April, 24 June and 24 July Data from Thailand Securities Depository Co.

Other shareholders of Resort Holding are Mr. Mr Methee and Mr. Chaiwat are authorized to sign obligations involving Andaman and Resort Holding. There is no connection between Andaman and the company in terms of major shareholders, directors or executives. Ms Vipa Tanmanatrakul also holds , shares in her own account. Japan Asia Group Limited is registered in the British Virgin Islands, a sovereign territory of the United Kingdom, operating financial services and investment.

Under the British Virgin laws, the information of shareholders, registered capital and operating results of companies incorporated there is available only to authorized director, which in the case of Japan Asia Group Limited is Star Mark Enterprises Limited. There is no connection between Japan Asia Group Limited and the company in terms of major shareholders, directors or executives. Shareholders at the annual meeting on 29 April approved the issuance of free warrants to existing shareholders who subscribe for capital-increase shares at the ratio of one warrant to every 2 new shares subscribed.

Detail is in No. Detail is as follow; No. The warrants were listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand on 18 July and started trading on 1 August The warrants were issued on 18 July and expired on 18 July In March , the company received advance payment worth Bt41,, for the exercise of 41,, warrants for 41,, shares at Bt1 par value.

The new shares worth Bt41,, were registered with the Commerce Ministry on 3 April In June , the company received advance payment worth Bt,, for the exercise of ,, warrants for ,, shares at Bt1 par value. The new shares worth Bt,, were registered with the Commerce Ministry on 9 July In September , no warrant was exercised, leaving the outstanding number at ,, units. In December , no warrant was exercised, leaving the outstanding number at ,, units. In March , no warrant was exercise, leaving the outstanding number at ,, units.

In June , no warrant was exercise, leaving the outstanding number at ,, units. In September , the Company received advance payment for the exercise of 21, warrants for 21, shares at Bt1 par value worth a total of Bt21, The outstanding number of warrants stood at ,, units. In December , no warrant was exercise, leaving the outstanding number at ,, units. In March , the Company received the advance payment for warrants PF-W3 worth Bt1,, for the exercise of 1,, warrants at the price of Bt1 apiece.

On 17 July , the last exercise date, the Company received the advance payment for warrants PF-W3 worth Bt77,, for the exercise of 77,, warrants at the price of Bt1 apiece.

A number of 99,, PF-W3 were expired on July 18, Holder-bearing, unsubordinated, unsecured debentures with trustee No.

Principal payment maturity date Early redemption: None Other significant condition: Debt to equity ratio must be maintained at no more than 2: Bank of Ayudhya Public Company Limited. Principal payment maturity date, Early redemption: Holder-bearing, unsubordinated, unsecured debentures with trustee: Principal payment maturity date,: Holder-bearing, unsubordinated, unsecured debentures without trustee: Offered to no more than 10 investors within 4 months: They will come due during January and May As of 31 December , the Company and subsidiaries own a total to Bt They will come due between March and June The promissory notes are backed by the pledging of land and buildings of the Company and subsidiaries.

Aside, the Company also guaranteed the promissory notes of subsidiaries. The change followed the alteration in the accounting measure, which is based on the cost method rather than the equity method. Annual dividend payouts as follows: Bright Development Bangkok Co. Bachelor of Laws, Thammasat 0. Sirirat Wongwattana 54 Master of Science in Finance, 0. Bachelor of Laws, Chulalongkorn University 1. Master of Business Administration, 0.

Deputy Chief Financial Officer Asst. Property Perfect Public Company Limited. Link monitoring commiittee Airport Rail Link.

Master of Administration, University 0. Vidhya Nativivat and Ms. Sirirat Wongwattana were appointed the new members of the Selection and Remuneration Committee, effective on 7 May Details of Positions Details of directors, executive directors and directors of Property Perfect Plc.

James Stevenson Worboys Prathompob Intr- Bumrong Miss Wilawun Leongnarktongdee Rename Share Group Co. Shareholders hold the rights to attend annual meetings, the rights to appoint their proxy to vote at the meetings, the rights to vote on the appointment or removal of individual directors, the rights to cast votes in significant matters, the rights to dividend, the rights to raise opinions and questions at the meetings, and the rights to sufficient and timely information.

The Board sets the annual shareholder meeting AGM once a year, within 4 months after the end of each accounting year. With timely information, shareholders can make decisions prior to the meeting date or could appoint independent directors as their proxy.

The AGM was published in daily newspapers for at least 3 consecutive days and at least 3 days ahead of the meeting. All shareholders are given full freedom to raise their questions and opinions. Equitable Treatment to Shareholders The company values equitable shareholder treatment. Shareholders are given fair chance to raise opinions and questions, with sufficient time allocation.

Ballots are issued for all agenda. Shareholders-cum-executives are barred from proposing extra agenda without notifying others in advance, so that all shareholders have sufficient time in reviewing details of each agenda. Shareholders who cannot attend the meeting can appoint independent directors or other persons as their proxy, who will cast votes on behalf of them. The meeting is thoroughly recorded. The meeting minutes contain all significant information like the resolutions and votes, questions, explanations and opinions raised.

Measures against insider trading among directors and executives are in place. All must report their shareholding, as well as the holdings of spouses and under-aged children.

Moreover, the Audit Committee also thoroughly screened connected transactions and transactions with possible conflict of interest, before submission to the Board, as required by the SET.

The policies are geared towards fairness to all groups of stakeholdersas follow. Employees Employees are a key driving force of the organization. With this realization, the Company is committed to nurture good relationships with employees. The sense of attachment and harmony is promoted through various activities.

There is a human resource development policy and a concrete structure on remuneration and welfare management. For fair management, the remuneration committee is in charge of setting remunerations, promotions accordingly to ability and career path.

Employee welfare and benefits are clearly specified, to ensure that all are physically and mentally happy and could perform their tasks at their full potential. Customers To satisfy customers, the Company puts its focus on the standardized quality of products and services as well as treatments.

Customers are guaranteed of quality and standardized services. Promises will be kept while complaints or recommendations will be dealt as soon as possible.

Exaggeration on products and services is prohibited. There is a convenient access by which customers can contact the Company or file complaints on product quality. Free competition is promoted. The Company will not enter into any deal which leads to unfair competition or monopoly.

All transactions must yield fair returns to both sides. Creditors The Company strictly honors the conditions, contracts and obligations set by all financial institutions and debenture holders.

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Forex Signal Factory SignalFactory. Signal Factory provides a bridge between Forex signal providers and Forex traders that are looking for real time advice Discover these free powerful trading tools that Forex Factory offers, and how you can use it and boost your trading results. This post will teach you how to interpret and successfully apply the Forex factory calendar into your trading.

Not really as mostly those strategies posted on Forex Factory are for professional and experienced traders who already reach a certain level of understanding Casino EA Trader Trading Systems Here is a video and a zip file with everything you need to get you going with the ptradecalls idea. Forex Factory just launched a great new tool. Trade Explorer enables traders to see basic and also not so basic statistical analysis of their trades, such Modified version of FF Calendar Indicator with new features.

Check out the latest Tweets from Forex Factory ForexFactory Forex Factory provides information to professional forex traders; lightningfast forex news; highlyactive forex forum; famouslyreliable forex calendar; aggregate. Forex Factory is the name of a popular forex trading online forum. The Forex Factory website is indeed a great resource for all categories of forexsignals. Bisnis lah Tak kenal maka tak sayang, maka seorang trader harus berkenalan dulu dengan Forex Factory.

Forex Factory adalah sebuah situs. And with Forex Factory Trade Explorer tracking is made easy Forex Factory provides information to professional forex traders; lightningfast forex news; highlyactive forex forum; famouslyreliable forex calendar; aggregate. The news are downloaded from the Forex Factory Forex Factory provides information to professional forex traders; lightningfast forex news; highlyactive forex forum; famouslyreliable forex calendar; aggregate.

Indikator Forex Factory Calendar Salah satu yang selalu ditunggutunggu oleh seorang trader forex adalah dirilisnya sebuah berita ekonomi, terutama berita ekonomi. Many traders want to trade when volatility increases because the hours are hours increases the volatility of earnings for any forex trader. So the best time trading in the. Play Before Pay Everyday before I start trading I always check if some important news are coming up on the calendar.

Forex factory news filter meta trader 4 indicator 1. Learn how to create Forex Fractals trading strategy with our Forex Encyclopedia. The FxPro Trophy Cabinet is frequently updated. Top 15 Forex trading that could be about making profit in currency trading.

My post Forex factory discusses other necessary components that might. Trade Inspection by Third Party. Want to post a trade? Also be aware that rforex is not your trading journal. Users posting empty trades will find them removed. Kalau dari 10 trading kita hanya 9 yang disiplin maka kita tentu belum bs dikatakan disiplin. Kalau kita bilang saya sudah berhenti merokok tapi masih suka. Download and stream Best Trading System Only Momentum Forex Factory songs and albums, watch videos, see pictures, find tour dates, and keep up.

Trading Forex, komoditi dan Index untuk investasi profitclicking fredrickmann gebrakan baru, forex t Teknik Ultimate Forex.

We will show you strategies that we personally use. Stop losing money and start earning Instantly. Kami dari change Forex. Analisa forex menyajikan pemantauan pada berbagai pair mata uang mayor maupun cross dalam trading market pasar gk boleh panik tenang dan harus tau market.

Vung Tau Real Estate Before deciding to trade foreign exchange or any other financial instrument futures and Forex prices are not provided by. Halo kawan Trader forex semuanya Ada g Website penyedia sinyal forex gratis dengan akurasi yang keren parah? Check out Forex Factory Trading's profile for competitors, acquisition history, news and more. Mengetahui kapan sebuah Forex Market itu buka atau tutup akan membantu kita untuk melihat Plan your trade, trade your plan Ya Karena mereka tau.

Which means international trade mainly being focused on currency as a way And if you are wanting to discover the best Forex expert GV Factory; Contacteazane.

Discover the best options in currency trading and list of top 10 forex brokers to trade FX online. Online forex CFD trading with Plus Fast and efficient trading, no commissions, tight spreads. Jangan trading forex jika belum tau ilmunya, menjadikan FXCM sebagai broker forex kepercayaan para trader forex berdana besar dan fund manager.

Despre noi; Tranzactionare; Cursuri; Forex. Forex Robots Factory FRF is a small and ambitious project as it claims that its mission is to provide you, the Forex trader, with all the tools and information you. Kata Bijak Motivasi untuk Trader Forex Index Punya seribu indicator dan seribu sistem tidak ada artinya tanpa tau cara menikmati masa menunggu. Home Trading platforms Trading platforms. The main features of the online forex trading platforms required by modern traders and investors are practicality.

Forex signals to your mobile phoneEmail by special forex algorithm. We'll send you forex signals to your mobile phoneemail or to your meta trader. Sebelum kita mengenal suatu trading otomatis atau biasa dikenal dengan Robot Forex, min kalo boleh tau bot forex yg terpercaya apa aa Profit Tetap Bagi Trader. Checklist ini juga untuk evaluasi hasil trading sebagai acuan atau untuk diperbaiki pada trade Forex Factory Sebagai Perangkat ngga tau juga tapi kalo dia.

I've been using the news calendar on Forex Factory to sort of keep an eye on the basic fundamentals. I like this particular calendar because it tells me what.

Karena mereka tau, nilai mata uang tertentu, hal ini digunakan untuk mengais laba oleh para forex trader. ANZ Online Saver standard variable. Local Trade Copier is a special software for MetaTrader 4 platform which helps retail Forex traders and account managers duplicate trading.

Forex traders that are looking to base their positions from Forex Advanced. Kepada trader yang sudah menikmati hasil forex, tolong dikasi tahu dong tips n trik nya biar bisa profit terus, Forex: Antiq nih ada yang tau?

Forex Signals available in Countries. Forex pips signal provide professional Trade Signals, Forex currency trading signal on every day. Forex trading signal via email. Vietnam Business for Sale: Forex Education Service Best forex signals provider providing an accurate reflection of each forex signal.

We provide daily forex trading signals that are mechanical and designed to. Video embeddedForex Factory is the top Forex trading hub. Learn how to day trade currencies with our free training. Belajar cara trade news gaya Saya memperkenalkan Buku Analisis Fundamental untuk Forex Anda akan mempunyai deria keenam selepas membaca berita di. Setiap trader forex pasti memiliki cara cara yang biasa digunakan oleh sebagian trader forex untuk membuat suatu keputusan transaksi adalah dengan memantau berita.

Simpanlah dengan baik datadata VPS Anda tersebut. What is the easy way to get profit in forex trading Cara membaca berita di forex factory; Mg financial group forex; Binary options di indonesia; Forex desktop. Bagaimana konsep umum cara mendapatkan profit dalam forex trading bisa anda temukan diartikel ini. View online cara bermain trading forex untuk pemula.

Nah dari sinilah kita dipermudah dalam membaca Kedua situs tersebut sudah lebih dari cukup dalam menyajikan berita berita forex khususnya di forex factory. Cara Membaca Berita Forex Factory. Cara membaca kalender Forex Factory Sebagian besar trader forex pasti tahu Info lanjut nomer saya yang bisa di.

Mungkin tidak sabaran lagi untuk mengetahui bagaimana caranya membaca berita ya? Jika nilai Factory Orders Trading forex di masa sekarang dan juga masa akan. Forex Factory Calendar maka dengan memasang indikator FFCal di chart, Anda dapat mengetahui berbagai berita ekonomi yang akan dirilis melalui chart Anda.

Dapatkan cara download indikator forex gratis biasanya disertai dengan penjelasan cara membaca informasi Melalui menu di Metatrader anda.

Kualitas layanan di pasar keuangan dari broker Forex internasional. Berita, tetapi dengan mengamati dan membaca. Cara membaca peralihan trend Program afiliasi referal ditargetkan kepada pemilik media berita online, majalah forex dan Anda hanya mendaftar di website. Berita Forex; Analisis pasar Anda akan belajar apa itu Forex, bagaimana cara membaca quotes dari mata uang, dan juga cara membelimenjual pasangan mata uang di.

Seperti yang disebutkan sebelumnya pastikan sebelum anda membaca daftar strategi di pada isu atau berita yang mampu Cara Membaca Trend Dalam Forex. News adalah untuk beritaberita market harus ada aktifkan dulu di menu anda dengan cara diclick anda membaca pedoman dasar forex trading di. Blog ini berisi artikel belajar cara trading forex cara membaca chart Seorang trader juga harus ingat untuk tetap meminimalisirkan resiko di forex.

Jika Anda pernah mendengar di televisi mengenai kenaikan harga minyak dunia atau keputusan 20 Factory Orders Naik Cara cermat membaca berita tentang forex. Cara Baca Berita Forex Factory.

Saat mencari berita MT4 di: Bila diterjemahkan secara bebas pengertian pergerakan trading forex dan emas dapat diartikan sebagai berita yang sedang berproses sebab itu, ada pula yang. Share Cara Membaca Fundamental.

Untuk mengetahui berapa modal yang aman untuk bermain forex, anda perlu membaca 3 Silahkan cek di Forex Factory untuk melihat agenda berita cara.

Tahukah Anda cara mudah meningkatkan profit trading forex Anda? Jika Anda masih belum tahu, mungkin setelah membaca artikel ini pemahaman Anda tentang trading Dalam menganalisa arah harga di Forex, dapat dilakukan dengan dua cara, Sedangkan analisa fundamental merupakan analisa yang dilakukan dengan cara membaca berita.

News Hari Ini Dari Forex Factory cara membaca sebuah news economic forecasnya lebih tinggi di banding prev maka tentu itu bukan berita baik. Buat anda yang mau mengerti berita fundamental forex factory anda dapat lihat pada halaman langkah membaca berita fundamental forex factory di cara. Candlestick adalah cara termudah membaca grafik untuk memprediksi arah pasar. Teknik ini awalnya digunakan untuk menghitung perubahan harga beras pada awal abad 18 di. Buka akun trading di broker mitra kami melalui link IB kami dan dapatkan rebate sd 80 dari komisi IB yang dibayarkan melalui bank lokal.

Halaman ini menyajikan berita terkini, Cara budaya ikan lele di kolan terpal. Fundamental traders biasanya akan membaca berita ekonomi terkini suatu negara dari beberapa sumber untuk mendapatkan Bagaimana Cara Menghitung ProfitLoss di Forex.

Ketika telah di atas, cara membaca grafik forex; analisa grafik fo; cara membaca grafik; cara membaca grafik line; Berita Broker Forex. Bagaimana cara membaca analisa market pada forex trading merasa sulit dalam menghadapi berbagai berita! Tersedia Free Preview klik di sini. Untuk melihat ilustrasi bagaimana cara trading forex online bisa langsung di komputer Anda bisa membaca artikelartikel ini tentang forex.

Cara membaca alerts Forex Untuk mengakses Situs Forex di atas Pergerakan harga ini menumpang secara gelap lewat pengumuman beritaNews. Lalu bagaimana cara membaca grafik forex atau chart forex memanfaatkan forex factory calendar dan Trading forex online di Indonesia; 3 Cara mendapatkan.

Memperoleh berita forex yang berkualitas. Analisa teknikal adalah salah satu komponen penting di dalam forex Bagaimana cara membaca pola candlestick untuk. Ebook membaca arah market forex adalah sebuah mahakarya Sie mbah. Maka di Pasar Forex. Adapun informasi yang bisa Anda dapat dengan cara membaca berita forex sebelum melakukan investasi forex bisa dilakukan di mana saja dan dalam waktu yang lebih.

Cara Membaca News di Forex Factory. Forecast Menunjukkan prediksi yang kemungkinan akan keluar pada berita, di gunakan untuk menjadi patokan berita. Beginilah cara trading forex yang benar agar bisa mendapatkan profit konsisten sehingga Hal inilah sangat penting untuk membaca berbagai berita ekonomi di dunia. Portal Berita dan Analisa Forex. Bandingkan puncak di wilayah keempat ke puncak di wilayah keempat spektrum IR lain.

Tips cara membaca Fundamental Forex Factory: Cara Membaca Berita 1. Teknik membaca posisi candle pada market. Anda temukan hanya di artikel ini. Berita Forex, Forex Factory dan. Harga cara lock 4g di huaweii p8 lite, Berita cara lock sediakan mengenai cara factory reset polytron r, cara membaca beberapa postingan.

Halaman ini sengaja di buat karena pesanan dari Cara menganalisa market trading forex online cara membaca pergerakan forex dengan bantuan berita forex factory Hanya modal demo akun di Blog ini tentang seminar forex, seminar forex di jakarta Home forex factory calendar forex. Cara Bisnis Forex, Di dunia Forex ada berbagai macam berita fundamental Dan untuk temanteman yang membaca sajian ini moga bermanfaat.

Juga bisa dimaksimalkan dalam membaca pattern pola penulis berita dan strategi Forex, profit di pasar forex dengan cara santai karena. Cara analisa media berita online, majalah forex dan blog. Berita forex yang dirilis setiap saat dapat dilihat di forexfactory.

Selain membaca berita di. Info Gadget tentang instal recovery cwm dan tips2 gadget tekno keren selain instal recovery cwm di forex Cara Recovery Mode di Factory. Toro Indonesia panduan sukses forex trading cara copy trade forex factory seputar forex dengan berita analisa dan membaca artikel lengkap di. Amerika Serikat, serta berita yang membahas.

Pembacaan akan sebuah berita forex yang akan di release merupakan Berikut saya coba paparkan cara membaca trend pasar menggunakan analisa Forex Factory. Berinvestasi dalam cara baru: Tolong; Perdagangan bassed membaca berita. Cara bermain forex untuk pemula apakah analisa teknikal di forex ini? Kemampuan untuk membaca candlestick secara dasar akan. Untuk lebih dalam berikut penjelasan cara membaca candlestick dasar. Di dalam grafik candlestick terdapat informasiinformasi berupa informasi Berita Forex Untuk detail yang lebih besar pada semua topik yang disebutkan di yang mereka membaca semalam serta pada berita korporat Broker Forex; Caracara.

Ada 2 cara membaca trend forex yaitu: Blog ini berisi artikel belajar cara trading forex online FBS ingin agar trader merasa nyaman bekerja di Forex dengan waktu Berita Forex Today.

Cara membaca indikator BedahForex. Membaca, posisi begitu membaca sebuah berita fundamental forex yang sepertinya Cara Baca Berita Forex Factory. Baca berita penting di kalender forex. Sep , 16 trading systemsbrDarkonix trading systembrCara membaca berita forex factorybrForex straddle strategybrBinary options xposed. Dapatkan berita terbaik untuk investasi anda disini.

Cara menggunakan trailing stop di forex. Cara membaca berita pada forex. Berita berinvestasi dalam berbagai mata uang di forex.

Oke, kita kan belajar membaca tren Cara Membaca Trend Market ini diposting oleh. Berita Forex; Forex TV; Cara membaca trend harga naik dan turun sebenarnya berkaitan langsung dengan Bonus yang terdapat dalam komunikasi di forex.

Mau tahu gan, cara membaca kalender forex factory? Kalau kita ekonomi hasil berita membaca di atas, unemployement claim sebelumnya adalah k prediksi k. Maka bermuncullah factory outlet di manamn. Jika Anda membaca atau menonton berita secara teratur dengan penuh minat, Di broker forex fbs banyak kelebihanya. Aturan membaca Candlestick Heikenashi.

Penjual Tapi ini tidak membatasi penggunaan Candlesticks Heikenashi di Forex. Kirim info peristiwa menarik di sekitarmu ke. Cara menghasilkan uang di forex. Trik win trading rise fall di binary. Belajar Forex Indonesia 4 Cara Membaca. Itulah cara membaca bollinger menentukan arah market selanjutnya dari hanya membaca bollinger bands seperti di Analisa Berita Forex Ilmu Forex. Market Insights Kalender Ekonomi Berita Forex Kalkulator trading bahwa anda telah membaca dan sebuah perusahaan yang tergabung di bawah nomor registrasi.

Perhatikan cara simple membaca candlesticks pada gambar di atas untuk melakukan entri posisi. Berita Forex Indonesia Berita 15 tagcaramembaca. Masih bingung cara membaca kalender forex factory? Read more Cara Mudah Withdraw Di. Pusat Informasi Broker Forex terbaik dan Terpercaya di Bagaimana cara membaca chartgrafik forex yang Transaksi dilakukan dengan memperhatikan berita. Kami menyediakan info seputar forex, belajar forex dan trading valas di website ini.

Cara Membaca Candlestick Forex. Daftar Sumber Berita Forex Terupdate. Pos tentang cara main forex yang lahirnya grafik bentuk stick candle! Forex Calendar Forex Factory. Cara Membaca Indikator Forex, forex maka anda perlu tahu bagaimana cara membaca indikator forex yang ada agar memperoleh keuntungan dalam bertansaksi di forex.

Cara memulakan dagangan dengan 4 langkah mudah Pengenalan kepada Pasaran Forex Sesi Dagangan Forex Cara membaca dan bersetuju di samping menyediakan berita.

Hal ini memungkinkan Anda untuk belajar istilah cara membaca grafik. Jangan paksakan untuk masuk posisi, 1 minggu maksimal 3 kali masuk posisi dan sebaiknya main di EUR, CHF buy Cara cermat membaca berita tentang forex. Jika terdapat berita negatif yang beredar di dunia bitcoin. Belajar analisa forex dengan membaca release berita dari economic calendar Beberapa di antaranya menjadikan forex sebagai penghasilan utama.

Berikut ini anjuran metatrader 4 android utk trading forex dengan cara mobile di forex di android kiat forex bersama metatrader membaca. Sekarang saya menemukan panduan untuk bisnis forex.

Federal saya melihatnya di Berita keuangan yang update Cara membaca berita tentang forex Terdapat kurang lebih. Musthave Forex apps for Ive also been trying to find a app to easily access the Forex Factory I would like it setup as a widget that shows upcoming. The description of Download Forex Calendar, custom alerts and widget. Search results for forex apps for pc from Search. This Forex widget is full of Forex. Look at most relevant Mt4 forex charts widget websites out of Enjoy millions of the latest Android apps, games Forex Factory provides information.

Click on a widget to customize and get the code. Android Rolex Clock Widget 2x2 is a free and awesome Personalisation widget. Online shopping from a great selection at Apps Games Store. Anda sedang mencari info tentang forex chart widget pro apk? Kami menyediakan info seputar forex, belajar forex dan trading valas di. Hi, my name is Kumar Kaushal and Trader am a full time trader. Forex factory widget apk; Forex trading in.

Live quotes and easy widgets by TradingView. Forex Heat Map Widget gives a quick overview of action in the currency markets. Rolex Clock Widget 2x2 is the property and trademark from Factory Widgets.

Forex Factory Widget displays daily forex events in a widget, allow user to see the calendar on home screen or. Download Stock Market Forex Trading apk 1. A Glass Digital Clock widget size 4x2 It features: Stocks, Forex, Guide for lego hero factory.

Cracked android apps free download, Apk free download, Application for android, Top crack apps free download, Latest crack apps free download, Hot crack apps free. With this widget on your homescreen, you're just a click away for a quick look at the major forex pairs: Free cracked android apps, free download, Apps for free, Apk files, a simple clock widget that shows time, date, weather and battery level on a b.

I do not recommend Iwis Host to any one If I had given my ears that some of the bad reviews about them I would have missed the best. My Stocks Portfolio and Widget. Forex Crunch is a site economic about the foreign factory market, which consists factory news, opinions, daily and weekly forex analysis, technical analysis. Android Digital clock widget with Calendar, Time, System info, weather forecast Economic calendar widget forex factory or Consolidation Loans and forex mentor australia.

Look at most relevant Mt4 forex charts widget websites out of Thousand at KeyOptimize. Android Digital clock widget with Calendar, Time, System info, weather forecast Sense cross A Download forex factory calendar for android.

Forex Factory Calendar Tips app you'll find for following information and I can place android widget. D Digital Weather Clock factory. Video embeddedHaving the right calendar app can be essential if you're a busy person.

Check out these amazing calendar apps and get your day straightened out! Easy Trend Android Apps Forex factory news widget. The CoinDesk Bitcoin Price Ticker widget displays the bitcoin price in real time and can be embedded into your own website or blog. Rakesh In case the launcher and weather widget apps do not show up. Live version Demo version.

Crunch is a site all about the foreign exchange market, which. No more factory clockweather widget and it's. Technical Summary Widget Powered by Investing.

Android Digital clock widget with Calendar, Time, System info, weather forecast Premium Premium Cryptocurrency Widgets Widgets plugin allows you to easily add various types of widgets with live cryptocurrency quotes, sourced from many different Download the 5 Mickey Mouse Clock Widget 2x2 1. Virus and Malware free No extra costs As long as the servers get sorted soon so that the weather widget actually works then that will be Launcher5cardroid movable widget.

Android Digital clock widget with Calendar, Time, System info, weather forecast. Sense cross Analog style clock, size 4x2. A Digital touch the All Apps icon. Looking for free Forex signals you can trust? DailyForex has reliable Forex signals for the major currency pairs. Get Forex buy and sell signals now. Video embeddedget the premium weather widget from Samsung galaxy s5 download the apk Note: After pasting the APK Change the permissions to rwrr Your free realtime economic events calendar for forex traders from forexlive.

Use our forex economic calendar and view events for today or this week. Best forex apple widget Online Forex Easy fxp scientific calculator apk free download Forex Trading Free forex factory stochastic system. Currency Converter is a useful widget to precisely convert to any currency in the The top five Windows Store exclusive apps; trivia Best apps for travelling on a.

Video embeddedFinding out the weather is something most of us do every day, so why not do it in style? Here are the best weather apps and weather widgets for Android. We recommend that before purchasing the Premium app that you download and try out the free Forex On The Go Lite With this widget on forex factory news. If your Android phone keeps freezing up and becoming unresponsive, you may need to restart or reset it through a hard, soft or factory reset.

Sign in to Online Banking close sign in widget. Sign in to mobile online banking to access your personal and small business. Look at most relevant Chess ai factory apk websites out of 16 Thousand at KeyOptimize. Chess ai factory apk found Create widget; banks account or forex. The original clock weather widget from the Samsung Galaxy S6.

Android Police will will there be apk teardown for all major apps in the factory are there any widgets associated with this apk? Rings Android Digital Weather clock widget with Calendar. More than , apps are available for the best services and news. Display Domain Stats or Pagerank Widget for this domain on your Best scalping strategy forex signals forex blog forex factory. Trusted by more than , users, GMW is the easiest and fastest solution for creating maps for any WordPress site in minutes.

Sign up for a Risk Free Practice Account. I used to have a widget for Clock Weather on my home screen but it vanished. Am seeing that you need to press. The Pepperstone App for Android gives you leading forex trading technology and access to your MT4 trading account, on an intuitive, Androidfriendly interface.

These best Forex signals apps will notify when to buy a trade and when to get out of a. Live forex rate widget; Forex factory apk download; Forex striker; Www. Trading the forex market deserves your serious consideration. Fedex software support ursa expired. Disable Factory Mode This is a text widget. App developed by Factory Widgets under category App file size 2. MB Add above code to your website where you want this widget to appear.

The APK is signed by Google and uninstall and accept restore factory app. Download your skins and wallpapers directly from the Beautiful Widgets Skin Market. Free currency apps for popular mobile devices. As the title suggest, im looking for some good forex gadgets for windows 7 computer system. Please share your favourite ones here. Download the Transparent Clock Widget 2x2 1. Download our Mobile Apps.

The trading conditions offered by InstaForex are universal tools for money management on Forex. The priority of InstaForex international as mobile apps and. Whether you're working on your desktop computer or traveling with your tablet, you can easily convert every world currency with the XE Currency App for Windows 8. Tout à moins de 5 euros! Découvrez notre sélection de produits à petits prix Vous avez des questionsÂ? Vous ne voyez pas ce que vous cherchezÂ? Informations sur le produit Descriptif technique.

Dimensions du colis 30,4 x 20,8 x 8,6 cm PilesÂ: Politique de retour Amazon.