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Originally Posted by LaserTrader Also, they persuade people who take the course to sign up with a broker ETX who they get a cut of the brokers fees from every trade you make they get a cut. Maybe PayPal are not happy being used.

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MetaTrader 4 Experience MT4 at its best with reliability, integrated insights and account management features. Originally Posted by Trader Sep 11, , 9: Originally Posted by kingtrader7. Sep 14, , 8: For the past couple of days or more, the MTA Live payment process has been down due to an issue with their PayPal account.

Maybe PayPal are not happy being used. With success comes haters Makes me smile as it means you know you are doing something others are scared to attempt or cannot do Please come visit us, call us, do what you must i am happy to trade live in front of anyone To the haters drinks up Matt Travis posted this recently Last edited by veryamused; Sep 14, at 9: Sep 15, , 8: Originally Posted by Mattjs.

You declare that they are not registered, have you any evidence to support such allegation? As that would effectively constitute slander? You will find you les johnston the crumpled old man that has lost his family due to poor investments was the one who attacked the last company.

Lets take a step back Matt Travis and Mike Douglas both show results, i trade next to them daily, this vicious attack is so obvious its hilarious You are one sad sad sad man!!! Aug 31, , Originally Posted by mike. A sense check may be required LaserTrader. It's a harsh reality that those least able will become increasingly less so. Check the parable of the talents.

I'm no bible nut, but it's one of the few lessons from the bible that has any specific bearing on trading. Last edited by LaserTrader; Aug 31, at Sep 1, , Yes you have dropped your kids to school, yes you have picked up your benefits, watched your episode of Jeremy Kyle, can't you go and do some constructive, jealousy is a horrible trait Keep on smiling Madonna's. Sep 1, , 6: Originally Posted by kingtrader7.

Sep 1, , 7: Where do you get this information lol? Originally Posted by DowJones. Sep 3, , 1: Hi Laser Trader, Seems your lies are being found out and you are running out of ammunition, maybe also running out of pot noodles.